Posted on April 2, 2014 · Posted in Alerts, Uncategorized


The Indian River Police Department has alerted us of a new scam.   People are receiving automated phone calls stating that their account has been frozen and to unfreeze the account they must enter their debit/credit card number.  These calls are a scam. If you receive one please hang up and under no circumstances should you enter your card number.  This threat is not specific to Straits Area Federal Credit Union members and is affecting large portions of the (231) Area Code.


Several of our Members have reported receiving automated phone calls saying that their Mastercard has been compromised. The recording then asks them to key in their Mastercard Number. These calls are fraudulent. If you do receive one, hang up the phone. Under no circumstances should you ever type in your card number over the phone.

If you received one of these calls and did enter your card number; please call us right away at (231)627-3145.