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Loan and Mortgage Rates.

As of April 1, 2015

Loan Type Terms APR as low as*
Titled New/Used Vehicle Loans- Cars, Trucks, Vans, Boats, Motor Homes, Motorcycles, Travel Trailers, Mobile Homes (<10 Years) 24 Months 2.50%
36 Months 2.75%
48 Months 2.95%
60 Months 2.95%
Vehicles > $15,000 72 Months 3.95%
 Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, Boats, Mobile Homes >$25,000  73-120 Months 4.95%

Loan Type Terms APR as low as*
Personal 48 Months Max 10.95%

Loan Type Terms APR as low as*
Home Equity- Variable 4.75%
Home Equity- Fixed 5 Years 5.00%
7 Years 5.25%
10 Years 5.50%
15 Years 5.75%

Loan Type Terms APR as low as*
Fully Secured Share Loan 1-120 Months 3.00% above highest tier share account dividend rate

Loan Type APR as low as*
VISA Credit Card 9.90%
Platinum 7.90%

* APR is the Annual Percentage Rate.   All rates are subject to change by the Board of Directors, and rates may vary based on the term you select and your credit standing.  Current loan rates are within the ranges shown.  Adjustments within the ranges are made for certain factors such as credit worthiness, account relationships, loan types and loan value ratios.  Please contact our loan department for more details.