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Home Equity Line of Credit.

Put the equity in your home to good use when you need a loan for home improvements or just about anything. Straits Area Federal Credit Union can help you access that equity while keeping loan costs low with an adjustable rate Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

In the Cheboygan area, wheloce’ve got the best HELOC rate program you can find. Straits Area Federal Credit Union has two important caps you should know about: the rate cannot increase more the 2% a year and will never go 6% higher than the original rate. And we only adjust our rates once a year unlike other institutions. These are guarantees.

You’ll be able use your Home Equity Line of Credit with a Visa Card or with checks and you can manage your HELOC with our online banking system, too.

The Home Equity Line of Credit from Straits Area Federal Credit Union. Is one of the ways we work to help improve our members lives for the better every day.

Contact any of our loan officers at one of our convenient locations in either Cheboygan, Indian River, or Mackinaw City. When you need a Home Equity Line of Credit you’ll not find easier people to work with in all of northern Michigan.

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